“Do Nothing” Culture

Let’s do nothing and have a ball. What’s the allure of the infamous Si Phan Don, known as “4000 Islands”? It’s that you can do absolutely nothing and feel pretty good about it. Yes, take a day to bike around the islands, they’re quite beautiful with all manner of charming bungalows and waterside restaurants. Walk […]

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The Gibbon Experience

Luang Prabang remains dear to me. Listening to an ex-smuggler tell tales of his golden days, watching book shop movies based on Middle-East scientific history, giving alms to the morning monks as they made their rounds, explaining – daily – to a laughing iced coffee vendor that I was not married to any of the […]

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Writing About Backpacking

“The fat Russian lumbered through the door with a scowl.” Is this reinvention of the events biased, or only descriptive? One of my goals for travel, from which I’ve been challenged, is writing so as to propagate the idea of an inclusive global community. By this I mean that I want to highlight our cross […]

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Surviving Vietnam

I shivered. In the blazing heat at the end of the dry season in Vietnam, shivering doesn’t exist. Cold doesn’t exist. This is a time when crocodiles sweat, ice cream melts before it’s taken out of the wrapper, and your mind, warped by the humidity, forgets how to imagine anything below 27 degrees Celsius (80 […]

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