Stories Untold

If you’ve followed my pictures you know I’ve landed safely, found food, found shelter, and even made a few friends and seen a few sites – the backpacking life. But what I haven’t revealed are intimate details of the events so far. My excuse is simple: when I hit the ground, I hit it running […]

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Going to Southeast Asia

Today, Thursday, March 20 at 7:15 PM my flight leaves Pittsburgh and I begin hurtling towards Bangkok, Thailand.  “Strattanville Globetrotter” is my more personal account of the journey as it happens.  But you can also follow some neat cultural tidbits on my other blog, “Backpackin’ Ben“.  And for extensive  details I’ll be posting more pictures […]

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Packing for Southeast Asia

“When packing for a trip, lay everything out.  Look it over and follow the rule: Cut the clothes in half and double the money.”  – the Great Kevin Breskvar So what happens if you can cut the clothes in half but can’t double the money? I’ve read Reddit after Reddit, travel blog after travel blog, […]

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